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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Tutor
2009Ampelographic and DNA Characterization of Local Grapevine Accessions of the Tuscia Area (Latium, Centre of Italy)Muganu, Massimo; Dangl, Gerald; Aradhya, Malli; Frediani, Manuela; Scossa, Angela, et al-
2007Cytological and molecular characterization of Vicia esdraelonensis Warb. & Eig: a rare taxonRuffini Castiglione, Monica; Frediani, Manuela; Gelati, Maria Teresa; Ravalli, Concetta; Venora, Gianfranco, et al-
Abstract orob.jpg.jpg2009Cytological characterization of Vicia oroboides Wulfen in JacqRuffini Castiglione, Monica; Frediani, Manuela; Ravalli, Concetta; Venora, Gianfranco; Cremonini, Roberto-
Abstract Haplo.jpg.jpg2008Cytological investigation on Haplopappus gracilis (Nutt.) Gray: 5-methylcytosine rich-regions, fluorochrome banding and chromatin sensitivity to DNase I digestionRuffini Castiglione, Monica; Frediani, Manuela; Venora, Gianfranco; Cremonini, Roberto-
2010Cytology of Vicia species. X. Karyotype evolution and phylogenetic implication in Vicia species of the sections Atossa, Microcarinae, Wiggersia and ViciaRuffini Castiglione, Monica; Frediani, Manuela; Gelati, Maria Teresa; Ravalli, Concetta; Venora, Gianfranco, et al-
2008The intergenic spacer region of the rDNA of Olea europaeaMaggini, Fabio; Gelati, Maria Teresa; Spolverini, Michela; Frediani, Manuela-
Abstract Optima.jpg.jpg2009Karyomorphological data as phylogenetic markers in the study of Vicia subgenusVenora, Gianfranco; Ravalli, Concetta; Ruffini Castiglione, Monica; Cremonini, Roberto; Frediani, Manuela-
2006Nuclear DNA contents, rDNAs and karyotype evolution in subgenus Vicia. III. The heterogeneous section HypechusaCaputo, Paolo; Frediani, Manuela; Venora, Gianfranco; Ravalli, Concetta; Ambrosio, Maria, et al-
2005Phylogenetic relationships among annual and perennial species of the genus Cicer as inferred from ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNAFrediani, Manuela; Caputo, Paolo-
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9


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