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8-Apr-2011Ancient DNA: genomic amplification of Roman and medieval bovine bones.Pariset, Lorraine; Gabbianelli, Federica; De Bernardis, Donatella; Fortunato, Michele Tommaso; Alhaique, Francesca, et al-
20-Mar-2012Assessing livestock genetic variability by applying molecular markers: mtDNA and SNPs can help in evaluating genetic structure and breeds relationshipMariotti, MarcoValentini, Alessio
20-Mar-2006Assessment of population structure by single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in goat breeds.Pariset, Lorraine; Valentini, Alessio; Cappuccio, Irene-
2006Characterization of single nucleotide polymorphisms in sheep and their variation as evidence of selectionPariset, Lorraine; Cappuccio, Irene; Valentini, Alessio-
10-Feb-2011Characterization of Trypanosoma Congolense induced endotoxic shock-like response in mouse modelsWambua, LillianValentini, Alessio
6-Apr-2011Comparative proteomics and transcriptomics analyses of livers from two different Bos taurus breeds: “Chianina and Holstein Friesian”Timperio, Anna Maria; D'Alessandro, Angelo; Pariset, Lorraine; D'Amici, Gian Maria; Valentini, Alessio, et al-
2009Comparative proteomics and transcriptomics analyses of livers from two different Bos taurus breeds: “Chianina and Holstein Friesian”Timperio, Anna Maria; D'Alessandro, Angelo; Pariset, Lorraine; D'Amici, Gian Maria; Valentini, Alessio, et al-
6-Apr-2011Comparison of Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) Proteins of Chianina and Holstein Cattle Breed Milk Samples Through Proteomics MethodsMurgiano, Leonardo; Timperio, Anna Maria; Zolla, Lello; Bongiorni, Silvia; Valentini, Alessio, et al-
2000Convenient genotyping of six myostatin mutations causing double-muscling in cattle using a multiplex oligonucleotide ligation assayKarim, Latifa; Coppieters, Wouter; Grobet, Luc; Valentini, Alessio; Georges, Michel-
15-Apr-2011Differentiation of European cattle by AFLP fingerprintingNegrini, Riccardo; Nijman, Isaäc J.; Milanesi, Elisabetta; Moazami-Goudarzi, Katayoun; Williams, J. L., et al-
2003Double muscling in Marchigiana beef breed is caused by a stop codon in the third exon of myostatin geneMarchitelli, Cinzia; Savarese, Maria Carmela; Crisà, Alessandra; Nardone, Alessandro; Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo, et al-
2007European cattle breed cluster accordingly to their meat quality parametersValentini, Alessio; Nardone, Alessandro; Crisà, Alessandra; Marchitelli, Cinzia; Failla, Sebastiana, et al-
6-Apr-2011Exploring polymorphisms and effects of candidate genes on milk fat quality in dairy sheepCrisà, Alessandra; Marchitelli, Cinzia; Pariset, Lorraine; Contarini, Giovanna; Signorelli, Federica, et al-
20-Mar-2012Functional analysis of candidate genes for meat quality in Sus scrofaBicorgna, SilviaValentini, Alessio
8-Apr-2011Genetic variation and relationships among Turkish water buffalo populationsGargani, Maria; Pariset, Lorraine; Soysal, M. Ihsan; Ozkan, Emel; Valentini, Alessio-
6-Apr-2011Geographical patterning of sixteen goat breeds from Italy, Albani a and Greece assessed by Single Nucleotide PolymorphismsPariset, Lorraine; Cuteri, Antonella; Ligda, Christina; Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo; Valentini, Alessio, et al-
6-Apr-2011Landscape genomics and biased FST approaches reveal single nucleotide polymorphisms under selection in goat breeds of North-East MediterraneanPariset, Lorraine; Joost, Stéphane; Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo; Valentini, Alessio; Econogene Consortium-
14-Apr-2011Large-Scale Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of the Domestic Goat Reveals Six Haplogroups with High DiversityNaderi, Saeid; Rezaei, Hamid-Reza; Taberlet, Pierre; Zundel, Stéphanie; Rafat, Seyed-Abbas, et al-
7-Jul-2010I marcatori microsatelliti per l'indagine di popolazioni animali antiche e moderneGargani, MariaValentini, Alessio
6-Apr-2011Microarrays and high throughput transcriptomic analysis for species with limited knowledge of genomic sequences F transcriptomic analysis for species with OO limited knowledge of genomic sequencesPariset, Lorraine; Chillemi, Giovanni; Bongiorni, Silvia; Spica, Vincenzo Romano; Valentini, Alessio-
Showing results 4 to 23 of 31
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