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2011Cellular thermotolerance is associated with heat shock protein 70.1 genetic polymorphisms in Holstein lactating cowsBasiricò, Loredana; Morera, Patrizia; Primi, Valentina; Lacetera, Nicola; Nardone, Alessandro, et al-
2006Climatic effects on productive traits in livestockNardone, Alessandro; Ronchi, Bruno; Lacetera, Nicola; Bernabucci, Umberto-
2003Contribution of organic farming to increase sustainability of Mediterranean small ruminants livestock systemsRonchi, Bruno; Nardone, Alessandro-
2003Double muscling in Marchigiana beef breed is caused by a stop codon in the third exon of myostatin geneMarchitelli, Cinzia; Savarese, Maria Carmela; Crisà, Alessandra; Nardone, Alessandro; Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo, et al-
2011Down-regulation of hepatic ApoB100 expression during hot season in transition dairy cowsBasiricò, Loredana; Morera, Patrizia; Lacetera, Nicola; Ronchi, Bruno; Nardone, Alessandro, et al-
2011Dynamics of the temperature-humidity index in the Mediterranean basinSegnalini, Maria; Nardone, Alessandro; Bernabucci, Umberto; Vitali, Andrea; Ronchi, Bruno, et al-
2010Effects of climate changes on animal production and sustainability of livestock systemsNardone, Alessandro; Ronchi, Bruno; Lacetera, Nicola; Ranieri, Maria Stella; Bernabucci, Umberto-
2004Effects of nonesterified fatty acids on lymphocyte functions in dairy heifersLacetera, Nicola; Scalia, Daniela; Franci, Ombretta; Bernabucci, Umberto; Ronchi, Bruno, et al-
2007European cattle breed cluster accordingly to their meat quality parametersValentini, Alessio; Nardone, Alessandro; Crisà, Alessandra; Marchitelli, Cinzia; Failla, Sebastiana, et al-
2002Evolution of livestock production and quality of animal productsNardone, Alessandro-
2009Gene expression and protein secretion of apolipoprotein B100 (ApoB100) in transition dairy cows under hot or thermoneutral environmentsBasiricò, Loredana; Bernabucci, Umberto; Morera, Patrizia; Lacetera, Nicola; Nardone, Alessandro-
2009Heat shock impairs DNA synthesis and down-regulates gene expression for leptin and Ob-Rb receptor in concanavalin A-stimulated bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cellsLacetera, Nicola; Bernabucci, Umberto; Basiricò, Loredana; Morera, Patrizia; Nardone, Alessandro-
2007Heat shock induced changes of adipokines gene expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytesBernabucci, Umberto; Basiricò, Loredana; Morera, Patrizia; Lacetera, Nicola; Ronchi, Bruno, et al-
2009Heat shock modulates adipokines expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytesBernabucci, Umberto; Basiricò, Loredana; Morera, Patrizia; Lacetera, Nicola; Ronchi, Bruno, et al-
2006Heat Stress Elicits Different Responses in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Brown Swiss and Holstein CowsLacetera, Nicola; Bernabucci, Umberto; Scalia, Daniela; Basiricò, Loredana; Morera, Patrizia, et al-
2004Immunological parameters in periparturient sheepLacetera, Nicola; Bernabucci, Umberto; Nardone, Alessandro; Ronchi, Bruno-
2005Influence of body condition score on relationships between metabolic status and oxidative stress in periparturient dairy cowsBernabucci, Umberto; Ronchi, Bruno; Lacetera, Nicola; Nardone, Alessandro-
2009Influence of different periods of exposure to hot environment on rumen function and diet digestibility in sheepBernabucci, Umberto; Lacetera, Nicola; Danieli, Pier Paolo; Bani, Paolo; Nardone, Alessandro, et al-
2009Liver apolipoprotein B100 expression and secretion are down-regulated early postpartum in dairy cowsBernabucci, Umberto; Basiricò, Loredana; Pirazzi, Daniela; Rueca, Fabrizio; Lacetera, Nicola, et al-
2005Lymphocyte functions in dairy cows under hot environmentLacetera, Nicola; Bernabucci, Umberto; Scalia, Daniela; Ronchi, Bruno; Kuzminsky, Giorgina, et al-
Showing results 3 to 22 of 30
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