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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Tutor
2014Classifying silvicultural systems (coppices vs. high forests) in Mediterranean oak forests by Airborne Laser Scanning dataBottalico, Francesca; Travaglini, Davide; Chirici, Gherardo; Marchetti, Marco; Marchi, Enrico, et al-
2010Climate change impacts, adaptive capacity, and vulnerability of European forest ecosystemsMarcus, Lindner; Maroschek, Michael; Netherer, Sigrid; Kremer, Antoine; Barbati, Anna, et al-
2014Combination of optical and LiDAR satellite imagery with forest inventory data to improve walltowall assessment of growing stock in ItalyMaselli, Fabio; Chiesi, Marta; Mura, Matteo; Marchetti, Marco; Corona, Piermaria, et al-
2009Combining remote sensing and ancillary data to monitor the gross productivity of water-limited forest ecosystemsMaselli, Fabio; Papale, Dario; Puletti, Nicola; Chirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria-
2013Comparison of approaches for reporting forest fire-related biomass loss and greenhouse gas emissions in southern EuropeChiriacò, Maria Vincenza; Perugini, Lucia; Cimini, Dora; D'Amato, Enrico; Valentini, Riccardo, et al-
2007Confronto di metodi parametrici e non-parametrici per la spazializzazione della provvigione legnosa tramite integrazione di misure a terra, dati telerilevati e informazioni ancillariBertini, Roberta; Chirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria; Travaglini, Davide-
2007Confronto sperimentale tra superfici a ceduo tagliate a raso osservate mediante immagini satellitari ad alta risoluzione e tagliate riscontrate amministrativamenteCorona, Piermaria; Giuliarelli, Diego; Lamonaca, Andrea; Mattioli, Walter; Tonti, Daniela, et al-
2016Consolidating new paradigms in large-scale monitoring and assessment of forest ecosystemsCorona, Piermaria-
2011Contribution of large-scale forest inventories to biodiversity assessment and monitoringCorona, Piermaria; Chirici, Gherardo; McRoberts, Ronald E.; Winter, Susan; Barbati, Anna-
2006Conversion of clearcut beech coppices into high forests with continuous cover: A case study in central ItalyCiancio, Orazio; Corona, Piermaria; Lamonaca, Andrea; Portoghesi, Luigi; Travaglini, Davide-
2015Conversion of Mountain Beech Coppices into High Forest: An Example for Ecological IntensificationMattioli, Walter; Ferrari, Barbara; Giuliarelli, Diego; Mancini, Leone Davide; Portoghesi, Luigi, et al-
2007Criterion 3. Maintenance and Encouragement of Productive Functions of Forests (Wood and Non-Wood)Marchetti, Marco; Corona, Piermaria; Lassere, Bruno; Pettenella, Davide; Stahl, Goran-
2014Dead wood and stand structure - relationships for forest plots across EuropeSeidling, Walter; Travaglini, Davide; Meyer, Peter; Waldner, Peter; Fischer, Richard, et al-
2010Deadwood in forest stands close to old-growthness under Mediterranean conditions in the Italian PeninsulaCorona, Piermaria; Lombardi, Fabio; Chirici, Gherardo; Marchetti, Marco; Tognetti, Roberto, et al-
2010Declino globale della diversitĂ  biologica, foreste e approccio ecosistemicoCorona, Piermaria-
2005Desertificazione, siccitĂ , foreste e ricercaCorona, Piermaria-
2009Design-based approach to k-nearest neighbours technique for coupling field and remotely sensed data in forest surveysBaffetta, Federica; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Franceschi, Sara; Corona, Piermaria-
2011Design-based diagnostics for k-NN estimators of forest resourcesBaffetta, Federica; Corona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo-
2015Design-based strategies for sampling spatial units from regular grids with applications to forest surveys, land use, and land cover estimationFattorini, Lorenzo; Corona, Piermaria; Chirici, Gherardo; Pagliarella, Maria Chiara-
2014Design-based treatment of missing data in forest inventories using canopy heights from aerial laser scanningCorona, Piermaria; Chirici, Gherardo; Franceschi, Sara; Maffei, Daniela; Marcheselli, Marzia, et al-
Showing results 42 to 61 of 204
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