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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Tutor
2002Forest ecosystem inventory and monitoring as a framework for terrestrial natural renewable resource survey programmesCorona, Piermaria; Chirici, Gherardo; Marchetti, Marco-
2004Forest ecotone survey by line intersect samplingCorona, Piermaria; Chirici, Gherardo; Travaglini, Davide-
2007ForestBIOTA data on deadwood monitoring in EuropeTravaglini, Davide; Barbati, Anna; Chirici, Gherardo; Lombardi, Fabio; Marchetti, Marco, et al-
2014Is randomized branch sampling suitable to assess wood volume of temperate broadleaved old-growth forests?Chirici, Gherardo; Puletti, Nicola; Salvati, Riccardo; Arbi, Francesco; Zolli, Catherine, et al-
2012K-NN FOREST: a software for the non-parametric prediction and mapping of environmental variables by the k-Nearest Neighbors algorithmChirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria; Marchetti, Marco; Mastronardi, Alessandro; Maselli, Fabio, et al-
2003LaDy: software for assessing local landscape diversity profiles of raster land cover maps using geographic windowsRicotta, Carlo; Corona, Piermaria; Marchetti, Marco; Chirici, Gherardo; Innamorati, Stefano-
2011Large-scale monitoring of coppice forest clearcuts by multitemporal very high resolution satellite imagery. A case study from central ItalyChirici, Gherardo; Giuliarelli, Diego; Biscontini, Daniele; Tonti, Daniela; Mattioli, Walter, et al-
2013Large-scale pan-european forest monitoring network: A statistical perspective for designing and combining country estimates. Example for defoliationTravaglini, Davide; Chirici, Gherardo; Bottalico, Francesca; Ferretti, Marco; Corona, Piermaria, et al-
2006Mappatura sperimentale dei territori forestali a principale attitudine potenziale produttiva in Italia.Chirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria; Nocentini, Susanna-
2014Mapping by spatial predictors exploiting remotely sensed and ground data: a comparative design-based perspectiveCorona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Franceschi, Sara; Chirici, Gherardo; Maselli, Fabio, et al-
2012Modeling primary production using a 1 km daily meteorological data setMaselli, Fabio; Pasqui, Massimiliano; Chirici, Gherardo; Chiesi, Marta; Fibbi, Luca, et al-
2016Modeling the influence of alternative forest management scenarios on wood production and carbon storage: A case study in the Mediterranean regionBottalico, Francesca; Pesola, Lucia; Vizzarri, Matteo; Antonello, Leonardo; Barbati, Anna, et al-
2010Monitoring and assessing old-growth forest stands by plot samplingCorona, Piermaria; Blasi, Carlo; Chirici, Gherardo; Facioni, Laura; Fattorini, Lorenzo, et al-
2008Non-parametric and parametric methods using satellite images for estimating growing stock volume in alpine and Mediterranean forest ecosystemsChirici, Gherardo; Barbati, Anna; Corona, Piermaria; Marchetti, Marco; Maselli, Fabio, et al-
2006On parametric fragmentation measuresRicotta, Carlo; Corona, Piermaria; Marchetti, Marco; Chirici, Gherardo-
2008Post fire natural regeneration monitoring with the integrated use of high resolution remotely sensed images: the case study of the Pineta di Castel FusanoChirici, Gherardo; Balsi, Marco; Bertini, Roberta; Bonora, Nico; Chiavetta, Ugo, et al-
2012Potenzialità del telerilevamento laser scanner aereo per la classificazione delle coperture forestali in funzione della forma di governoTravaglini, Davide; Bottalico, Francesca; Chirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria; Nocentini, Susanna-
2003Potenzialità delle immagini telerilevate Spot 5 per inventari forestali su vasta scala.Davide, Travaglini; Chirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria; Lamonaca, Andrea; Marchetti, Marco-
May-2015Prediction of forest NPP in Italy by the combination of ground and remote sensing dataChirici, Gherardo; Chiesi, Marta; Corona, Piermaria; Puletti, Nicola; Mura, Matteo, et al-
2015Quantifying the effect of sampling plot size on the estimation of structural indicators in old-growth forest standsLombardi, Fabio; Corona, Piermaria; Marchetti, Marco; Merlini, Paolo; Chirici, Gherardo, et al-
Showing results 32 to 51 of 62
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